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Rehabilitation & Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy aims to help the individual achieve their optimum Therapy assessmentlevel of independence in order to return to everyday activities that are of importance to them at home, at work or in leisure time. The role of the Occupational Therapist will vary according to the stage of recovery following the injury.

Rehabilitation is the journey towards regaining the optimum achievable quality of life for our clients.

Our therapy team, together with visiting specialists will undertake the wide ranging treatments and therapies that will help regain life skills and build confidence.

Initial therapy may be:

  • Sensory stimulation.

  • Encouraging interaction with surroundings.

  • Maintaining good limb and joint health thereby preventing stiffness.

  • Re establishing mobility and personal care skills.

Assessment 2

The involvement of a clients family and friends at opportune stages of treatment is always welcomed, we work closely with all other care providers to achieve a confident, supported return to the larger community.

The journey to recovery

Assessment and the rehabilitation process..

Admission & Assessment

Individuals who have suffered an acquired brain injury may experience physical, cognitive or emotional problems. These issues affect not only the brain-injured person but also their friends and family.

On admission, our clients go through a detailed assessment. Their named Occupational Therapist will design with them an individual program of treatments and therapies to help regain quality of life and the skills that are important to the client.



Assessments look at:

Physical and sensory changes- - - coordination of movement and the ability to feel things including fatigue.

Perceptive skills - - – how we interpret things we see and feel.

Cognitive skills - - – such as concentration, planning, memory and organization.

Psychology - - – anxiety, depression, irritability and changes in behaviour and personality.